Our Services.

We provide art placement services for hospitality industries, new construction, interior and exterior spaces, as well as consulting for municipalities and art festivals. Finding the right artist, with the right energy, to transform a space is our work.

Our Mission

We understand that creative thinking is a whole brain process that builds new neurons. This is the stuff of evolution. As art classes get cut from schools in our communities, we want it to be known that visual and performing arts is what brings a quality of life, cultivates pride and a sense of collective identity within a community, and provides a way for people of all ages to become immersed in new ideas.

Our goal is to spread the awareness of art placement, educate our communities on the importance of Art Movements, build and catalog lasting collections both in municipality and the private sector, as well as contribute back into the communities we live and work by investing in young artists, and art programs.

Our Services

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